Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A good weekend, followed by some electrical work

Thanks everyone for coming out this weekend during the Fall Art Tour. It was fun to meet so many new people. For those of you who couldn't make it out we had a good weekend. Steady business all three days. We were not quite as swamped as people from town had described to us, however it was our first year on the tour, and we are a little off of the beaten path.
We still do have quite a few pots left from the last two firings, so we will probably start getting in contact with local galleries. We gave a half hearted effort last year to get into some galleries, but we didn't really have enough inventory to go to very many galleries. As it turned out one of the few galleries that we did approach took our pots for several months before returning them telling us we needed to "work on our technique". Pretty funny, we're hoping we can find some galleries around here that are a little more educated, and can appreciate the work and direction that our pots are headed. We certainly have the inventory right now.
On a side note we allowed our Etsy account to go dormant due to too many other things being on our plate, however if anyone reading this blog is interested in getting some pots from this last firing, drop us a line. We're more than happy to email pictures and pack and ship pots. Drop me a line josephjcole at yahoo dot com if there is anything you would like to see.
Now comes the push to move into the house before winter starts setting in. I spent yesterday wiring up the mudroom. Since the mud room is new construction all the wiring has to be inspected before we can start insulating and sealing it all up. Getting the mud room weather tight is at the top of the list of things that need to happen before we move in.

The rest of the house is coming along nicely. The plumbers came before the Fall Art Tour, and finished all the plumbing in the house, so we now have a working toilet and two sinks upstairs! It's really starting to look like a house that just has a little touch up before moving in, as opposed to the disaster that it was when we got it. I'll post some more pictures soon.
Eli has almost all the footage he needs for his film. I believe he just wants one more interview from us before he starts editing it all together. Right now it looks like he may do one short promotional film to have online, with the possibility of a longer documentary style film at a latter date. He made us a poster to hang up for the tour:

How cool is that? Both of the shots are stills from footage he took of us over the last month. If anybody reading this is interested in having a film made, drop him a line. Eli's just starting to get his film making business going, and I'm sure he would be happy to work with you. We've certainly been pleased to be working with him.

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