Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A quick update

I had mentioned wanting to find a good gallery for ourselves, so yesterday after posting I called up a gallery that a couple of friends had recommended to me, the Kaleidoscope gallery. I told the owner who I was and asked if she would be interested in carrying our work. She said that she had already heard of us and would be happy to carry our work. Seriously? We went to the wrong gallery last fall. I took the pots in yesterday, she said she was excited to have them in her gallery, and would start making space for them before an opening reception that she had this Friday. If anybody is in the Mt. Horeb area be sure and stop by to visit the Kaleidoscope gallery. They also carry David Smith's work which has grown on me the more I see it. It's funny how good pots can do that. When I first moved to Seagrove I have to admit I found Jugtown's pots a little bland. They certainly grew on me as well (the wood fired ones at least).
Back to the electrical work....

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Sheridan Ray Pottery said...

Thats awesome. Was that the gallery that was over by the grumpy troll??