Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our "New" House

Joe and I have found a house to move to our property! It is currently located about 6 miles from our house on a dairy farm. The house was originally built for the hired person on the farm, and later rented out. The current owners were planning to demolish it before we showed up on their doorstep on a tip from the lady who runs the town dump. It is structurally solid, but as you can see from below, it is a bit of a mess! Before Mom and I got there this afternoon to do some cleaning, the living room looked like this:
We hauled out the old carpet (which was really fun to tear up), the straw, the random pieces of trim, and few really neat old square canning jars with ceramic lids, among other things. It was looking much better this evening, although I have about a billion little staples from the carpet to pull out of the soon-to-be-lovely hardwood floors.
According to evidence found on the carpet we tore out, the house appears to have been home to a raccoon for awhile. Although he has moved out, a mama barn cat decided that the entryway would be a good place for her kittens to grow up. Hopefully all the ruckus we made today will inspire her to move them somewhere else. The people who own the house now told us that we have to take the kittens with the house, though!

We're planning to have the house here sometime this fall. Since we are planning to use part of the house as a pottery gallery, we have a few meetings to go through with the county and township, but according to everyone we have talked to, things should work out. We're excited at the possibility of having a roof over our heads!


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Carrie said...

What a GREAT shell!!

You can never have too many barn kittens :-)