Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We're back...and a little Gallery Humor

A week doesn't seem long in the "real world," but it is an eternity in blog time! We had a nice visit with Joe's Mom's side of the family in South Dakota, but it feels good to be back on the homestead.

And it feels really good to...wait for it...take a hot shower! and flush! Thanks, plumbers! In Wisconsin, one cannot do one's own plumbing, especially if one is under the careful gaze of a well-meaning township inspector. Why the state feels as though plumbing is dangerous to the amateur, but wiring is not is any one's guess. It's nice, though, to have someone experienced fly through a complicated project and simply reap the rewards (and, of course, shell out some dough!)

In totally unrelated news, we stopped at a gallery across the river in Iowa last week to pick up some of our pots. It's a nice little gallery, well-lit and not too cluttered, and we were initially excited to have some of our work there. The owners, however, snobbed us from the start, criticizing a bowl that got a beautiful firing as having too much of that "wood fired look," and a tea box made from 1/4 inch slabs as "too heavy," among other glaring flaws. In spite of their criticism, though, they wanted a dozen or so of our pots, which we handed over with gritted-teeth smiles, and most of which they sold before letting us know they no longer wanted to carry our work.

We stopped in last week to pick them up, and as we were on our way out, the owner told us to feel free to bring our pots back for inspection when we have "progressed." Zing! This place is not exactly the Freer Gallery--most of the pots they have for sale are underwhelming shapes bedazzled with bedazzling glaze swoops and swirls. I wanted in the WORST WAY to point out to her that what we have going on is a difference in taste (hers being not so great, ours being very good, of course!), and that our lack of fantastical colors and/or fancy glaze effects does not imply a quality problem. If we wanted to make bright blue pots, we would. We just happen to be going for "that wood fired look." But in the interest of civility, I kept my mouth shut. We walked quietly outside with our box of rejects, and got our laughs in on the sidewalk. Yes, we will most certainly be back there just as soon as we have "progressed" beyond using local glaze materials and wood-firing.

In other unrelated news, the Fall Art Tour website has been updated for 2009. We are really looking forward to participating. Check it out here!



Anonymous said...

amazing story... not surprised that they may think something like that (as untrue as it is) but that they think telling you is appropriate.

cookingwithgas said...

pox on them- may all their pots be blue- and their customers educated enough to want something else!

sam said...

Hello, I for one really enjoy your pots and really enjoy your blog. I was looking at your blog history and noticed you throw standing at your wheel. How high is the wheel? I throw at a wheel on the ground and my back hates it. If you could do a post on your wheel or just say how high it is, I would be very appreciative. I really like your pots and enjoy reading your blog. I hope to have a studio of my own in northern Wisconsin some day. Thanks. Andy.

Joe and Christy said...

If you want to email me or just post your email address I can send you a couple pictures and measurements.
josephjcole at yahoo dot com