Thursday, October 29, 2009

House update (getting close now)

I realized that with all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the fall art tour that we have not kept up with all the home improvements that have been going on:

Looks like a real house from the outside! We seeded grass in about a month ago since we were all done with the major construction work. It seems to be coming in nicely.

Our bedroom is one of the few rooms that is completely finished: painted, trim the works!
We've already started sleeping in the house (don't tell the inspector) as the camper doesn't do so well during these crisp autumn nights. And yes the window is boarded over, but since we painted it the same color as the trim, we're considering it good.

The plumbers came and we now have a fully functioning bathtub upstairs:

As well as a bathroom sink, and toilet! No door for the cabinet yet.... all in good time though.

The mud room still has the farthest to go, but we are certainly not concerned about having it all finished before we move in.
All of the electrical is finished though, and the roof is insulated.

Kitchen still has a little ways to go, though we do now have a working kitchen sink, dish washer (which neither Christy nor I have ever had before), and stove.

And thanks to Mom for helping us to get some insulating windows:

Much better than the window that were in the house before, some of which were cracked, and most of which had a significant amount of rot underneath them.

So here's the exciting part. I talked to the inspector recently and he said all we have left to do before we move in is to put in a hand rail to the basement. We are pretty excited to be so close to moving into our house. I still want to finish touching up the drywall in the living and dining room and get those rooms painted before we move in. We are hoping to start moving in in a little over a week. It will be so nice to unpack. We have lots of books, pots, and other belongings that have been stored in boxes in our barn for a year and a half now. It will be great to unpack and finally settle into a house. It's been a long time living in limbo in our camper with the majority of our belongings still in boxes from our move from North Carolina. We're more than ready to settle down into a house. There are many things that still need to be worked on in the house, but just getting out of this camper before winter sets in will feel like a major accomplishment.


ang said...

oh wow.. what an update, it's all looking good from excellent to finally be moving in ..well done team!!

cookingwithgas said...

I bet it feels good- cause it sure looks great from here!
Nice to see.

Ron said...

Congrats on all that hard work and being almost ready to move in. Looks great.

Anonymous said...

boy this brings back memories of remodeling years... doing dishes in the bathtub, etc. good to hear there's a light at the end of the tunnel

Michael Mahan said...

I remember when we got water upstairs above our showroom, when Mary and I were remodeling, living in a small room in the barn and remodeling the rest of the barn, cooking and bathrooming in the travel trailer. Mary came home from work and I flushed the new toilet for her. No more walking to the travel trailer in the middle of the night to use the toilet.

Good luck with the rest.


Zachary and Jennifer said...

Very cool! Although we aren't living in a camper, we are in the middle a big remodel ourselves and been without some of those kitchen comforts for a while too. (Who needs a kitchen sink?) :-P
It is more fun when you get to do most of the work your self and see your own accomplishments.