Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slow progress

Everything seems to be moving along, slowly but surely. The stairs going into the basement are all finished along with the floor of what will be the mudroom. Thanks to Brandon, for the carpentry advice, although by the time I asked him some of the damage was already done. So any ugly carpenty work... it's mine. Here are a couple of pics:

We're hiring a carpenter to help us with the actual framing of the mudroom. He seems very nice, and said we are welcome to help him, and do some work on our own on the weekends/evening. I'm pretty excited about it, it should go pretty quick and I won't ever have to worry if I doing something I'll regret later.
Christy and I are off now to go to a funeral in South Dakota. We'll be back Monday. Have a good weekend.

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jimgottuso said...

progress... slow but sure