Sunday, May 24, 2009

Open for business

Well we are officially open for business. Our local construction crew came out this week and back filled around our house with special care to back fill around our porch as well! After which we got the nod of approval from our local inspector. We also got the construction guys to bring two loads of gravel in. One load they spread out for a parking lot. The other we used for a walkway.

The walkway was a bit more work than I would have guessed. We ended up digging out about four inches, where the walkway was going to go. I'm pretty pleased with it though. I imagine customers will appreciate not having to tromp through the dirt and mud (though hopefully the dirt will become grass eventually). The path also makes it much more clear which entrance is the gallery.

Now all we have to do is find some shoppers to fill up that parking lot! Memorial Day weekend ... come on out.


Ron said...

It really looks great. That's a lot of work for sure. I hope you have some good sales this weekend.
Love the wide open sky and field shot.

Anonymous said...

congratulations... the last shot looks like you're in the middle of nowhere, the gallery looks great

ang said...

glad to hear your deck got the ok...nice pathway too..