Friday, August 8, 2008

The New Ladies and their Sweet Little House

My talented and wonderful Dad has finished the new ladies house. It is pretty much a smaller version of our last chicken house (just because the trailer is smaller)with the addition of windows so they can have some light on cold winter days when they don't want to come outside. I must admit, I am quite pleased with the barn-red paint! I couldn't find any straw to use for bedding, so the farmer who rents our land kindly brought me a mini bale of hay, and now the house smells sweet and grassy.
Here are a few members of the motley flock. A Barred Rock, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Aracana, Dominique, Light Brahama, and a few Sex-Links made it into the picture.


blaine and laura said...

great chicken house--love the red paint!!!! i want to do a chicken entry on my blog soon, i just need to take some pics of my girls.

Tim said...

Look out, its the new flock on the block.

Carrie said...

They're really living it up in that fancy house! Great work! It's pretty sharp!