Wednesday, August 6, 2008

more kiln work

Work on the kiln continues, though slightly slower due to a lack of sleep on my part. I've been helping with a wood firing workshop taught by David Smith. I think it will be a good experience for me, but I've got three overnight stoking shifts this week, so it certainly slows done the kiln construction. I'll get pictures of the kiln David built and post them later. For now though you can see David's kiln at home along with his work, resume, ect:

For now though pictures of our kiln:

As you can see the first chambers flue is all done. The wider flues on the outside are to keep the tempature even, as the tempature in the center of the kiln naturally tends to be higher. The wider outside flues help to draw the flame to the outside of the kiln.
The floor is all ready for it's layer of firebrick. I was going to put that in today, but Charley really enjoys resting in the sand, and there is no need to put it in before the arches go up. I was originally planning on leaving just a sand floor with brick footers for the shelves, simply to save money. However we managed to get some 6"x12"x2" bricks at What Cheer quite cheap, and I couldn't help myself. This picture also shows the notched brick ready to accept grate bricks. Which will span from directly over the flue to the floor of the second chamber. It's not so obvious in the picture, but the large hollow brick is just there to hold a string in place to help keep the bricks we lay in a straight line.

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