Friday, July 13, 2012

More Logs, More Chicks

  The heat this summer has been unrelenting. We haven't had a drop of rain in over a month. The sky is heat-hazy, the ground is cracking open, and the grass is crunchy pale yellow. 
I have spent hours watering the garden and the smaller trees just to keep them alive.

Although our apple and plum trees won't have fruit this year due to the crazy weather, 
there are still a few dozen peaches hanging on.

Between the heat and the hungry raccoons, my little chicks have been having a hard time.  The raccoons came into the barn one night last week and attacked the chicks through the hardware cloth brooder, killing three and taking off lots of toes. It was a gory scene, but the survivors are all recovering well.


fierce chick face!

Since the chicks are not safe in the brooder, too small to go on pasture, and it's too hot to leave them in the "Big House" all day, I have been shuffling them back and forth from the 
hoophouse during the day to the Big House at night...


via the World's Cutest "Bucket of Chicken."

Joe has a new summer job. He is on the crew that is building a timber-frame house for Whole Trees Architecture. Our future timber-frame porch is coming together, too. We have been working on the design, and the logs are ready for the sawmill next weekend.
think rain!


Pat said...

What a loving mommy you are! I'm praying for rain.

Jen Moen said...

Bucket o chicks! Love it.

Julia said...

Love the bucket of chicks. Made me chuckle thinking you could use a KFC bucket just for fun!