Monday, July 2, 2012

Logs and Chicks

Joe spent the (sweltering) day today bringing more logs home from a neighbor's property.  We plan to mill them into lumber and posts to make a timber-framed porch next summer.  In these photos he is waxing the exposed ends so they don't lose moisture and split.

We also got new chicks last week. We lost most of our flock to a gory raccoon attack last fall while we were blithely enjoying a play at American Players Theatre, and I didn't want to get replacements until mid-summer because I have previously had problems with gnats bothering chicks in early June.  I have a mix of layers and Freedom Ranger broilers from Abendroth's Hatchery. I have raised almost every type of meat bird except Rangers, and I am excited to see how they do. They are currently full of fluffy chick charisma. It's been so hot in our barn that I have put them out on pasture (in the chicken hoophouse) where they can catch a daytime breeze, and they are loving it. I have never had to keep week-old chicks cool before. If you stop by the gallery this week, feel free to come around the west side of the house and say hello to our new little chicks!



Paula Bonelli said...

I bet the porch will be spectacular! Is there anything Joe can't do?

The baby chicks are so cute. :-).

Julia said...

Our chickens are hating the heat here too! Cute little guys - are they fast growers?

Joe and Christy said...

They seem to be growing quickly, Julia, and they are already strong foragers. I do keep records of how the different varieties of meat birds do, and will share them here as they grow.