Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Art Tour Photos

Our friend Eli from Capture Media took some great photos for us during the Fall Art Tour.


Pots in the Windy Ridge Gallery

I was a little slow getting the garlic inside this year. It was swinging in the wind all weekend!

Yours truly chatting it up with visitors.

The view south of the kiln shed.

Joe giving a kiln tour

My earthenware experiments were on display.

My dad Ray, who is a wood turner, was our guest artist.

Dad giving a demonstration.

Wooden bowls

Thanks to my mom, Patti, for bringing flowers and lots of food!



Pat said...

Beautiful pictures - it gives me the feel of almost being there. Thanks for sharing!

cookingwithgas said...

sweet and love your dad's work- nice addition to your pottery.
You guys also look great!

ang walford said...

yeh!! hope you had a great show, the pics are great :))