Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Earthen Bag Walkway

A big thanks for everyone who came out and visited us during the 'Fall Art Tour'. A quick update on our walkway for those of you did have a chance to visit us you may have noticed that our walkway was not entirely complete, looking something like this:

our partially completed walkway as seen from the gallery

While not being entirely pottery related, I thought many of you might be interested in the process. We stacked up the earthen bags to extend the parking lot, placing barbed wire between each bag to act as mortar.

After the wall was built we covered the wall with metal lathe. The lathe was attached to the wall with wire which was wrapped around barbed wire as the wall was stacked.

On the top bag, we stapled the lathe down using landscaping staples. We also drove re-bar through the wall to help hold it all together.

Here you can see the wall 'post' stuccoing, back filled with gravel .

And a view of the completed walkways as seen from our parking lot.

We'll see how this holds up. None of the walls have anything resembling a foundation, so I'm sure we will experience some cracking of the stucco due to heaving over the winter. I'm assuming the cracks won't be too big and will be easily patched.... time will tell.



Ron said...

The walkway and walls look great. Thanks for showing more of the process. Hope y'all moved some pots during the Tour.

Brown Purse said...

Looks GREAT you guys! Hope the Tour was a success! Thanks Christy for all your hard work on the board. I served 11 years and you're doing a wonderful job! Also luv the pic of you carrying the pots with the dogs...let's put that one in the brochure next year!!!!!

Paula said...

Looks great! Lots of hard work...hope the fall tour was wonderful. :-D