Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowed In

We have been making the most of being snowed in at Windy Ridge.
The blowing snow is quite intense today (even for us!),
and we are expecting another 12 inches tonight.

But we have gotten a few things done:

Our website is up:

Joe got the new test kiln (which I have tentatively named Marge Simpson)
loaded with over 60 local-materials glaze tests and pre-heated.

Look at the steam pouring off of Marge's beehive!

Unfortunately there is a small leak in the gas line and
we can't get enough pressure to get it up to temperature
until we get our hands on some Pipe Wrap.

It's a good day to have a fire going in the woodstove,
an entertaining book or two,
and a few poodles for company.


cookingwithgas said...

What are you reading?

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Aww, love the dog photos!

It certainly has been a winter this year. Tonight sounds like another adventure~ good to have the wood stove cookin' in the background!

Michael Mahan said...

It's supposed to be up to nearly 70 here tomorrow. :-)

Pat said...

So good to see more pictures and hear about what's going on! You may already know, but the link to your blog from the blog page of your website doesn't work.

And I love the website - great job!

Joe and Christy said...

pat--i did not have trouble with the link. did anyone else?
michael--don't worry, we'll save our gloating for this summer when it's 110 in the shade and hasn't rained in a month in nc and it's a lush 70 degrees here;)

Pat said...

I just tried it on my Mac at home and it worked fine. It was on my PC at work today that I couldn't make the link to work. So I guess all is well - we all know what PC's are worth!

Michael Kline said...

marge is looking good, sorry 'bout the pressure drop. Oh, pressure...
we don't have any poddles, but we do have a jotul to keep us warm!

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