Wednesday, February 16, 2011

getting back in the groove

After a winter's worth of doing non-pottery related tasks, and a much deserved vacation visiting family, I'm starting to get back into the groove of making pots. We are aiming to have our spring firing late in April in preparation for 'Clay in May'. Along with 'Clay in May' we have signed up to sell pots on Saturdays at the Madison Market. We've heard good reviews from other local artists selling work at the Madison Market so we are feeling fairly optimistic about our prospects for the summer.

I made quite a few extra bats this winter as I always seemed to run low on bats these last couple of years. So I started off testing the new bats out making some plates.

dinner plates and small square plates all stacked up and ready for the kiln

I've also made some vases with trimmed feet, which is not something I've ever done before. I have a book of pots from the Korean Yi dynasty. I've spent many nights admiring the footed, pear shaped vases in the book. Those of you who follow this blog religiously (Mom--I'm looking at you) may remember that we managed to pick ourselves up a beautiful footed vase imported from China.... you can see it here if you don't remember it.

I've always balked at trimming anything that didn't absolutely have to be trimmed. I think I had always been taught that trimming vertical pieces was something one did when you didn't have enough skill to throw it right the first time. Well, I went ahead and did it anyway:

I'm quite pleased with them. I threw a chuck for placing the vases in while I trimmed them. The trimming itself was actually quite enjoyable.

I took this ever- so- artsy shot today while making bottles:

That's all for now, but I'm sure blogging will become more and more regular as the pots progress.



ang said...

go the arty shot!!!

cookingwithgas said...

love that last shot- very artsy!

Ron said...

Those footed bottles are great Joe. Really changes the form from the standard shape.

deanandmartinpottery said...

Glad to see that you have been able to get back at the wheel. All the shapes look great and those vases are spot-on. Keep us posted on the new creations for your next burn.

Pat said...

That's really great that you will be at the Saturday Madison market this summer - I'll look forward to helping you sell pots when I'm there. It's also really nice to see you back to making pots!