Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Few Fresh Pots

Joe got all of the pots cleaned up today while I was in the kitchen up to my ears processing tomatoes. He took a few snapshots to share with all of you before we whisk pots away to VIVA Gallery for our opening tomorrow evening. If you're in the area, feel free to join us on Thursday from 5-7 pm for the reception.

The Front Chamber
Pitcher with Light Iron Ash Glaze
Handbuilt Vase with Red and White Slips

Fruit Bowl

A Lovely Jar from the Front Chamber

Jug from the Front Chamber

Jug with White Slip and Ash Glaze

Cereal Bowl with Iron Ash Glaze

Maggie and Charley had a long day, too, looking for mice in the wood pile.
It's a pretty hard life for a dog here at Windy Ridge!



Nu Kua said...

Beautiful, beautiful pieces!!
Specially the hand built vase, love those blue/grey colors!

I have met a potter last weekend who wood fires and he has given me the opportunity to make some pieces and fire them with him in his kiln! I'm so excited!
But I have no clue about slips in a woodfiring kiln. Would you be willing the share your secret on the slip on that hand built vase?
Thanks so much!

Michael Mahan said...

Great results. Looks like a good firing.

deanandmartinpottery said...

Looks like ya'll had a great firing. The pieces looks wonderful. Nice finger wipes and decoration! Give maggie and charley a big hug from us. Good luck with your show.

Joe and Christy said...

Thanks, Y'all!


The handbuilt vase has three layers on it. The first layer is a thin slip made from a local red clay. The second layer is a thin (painted on) Tile 6 white slip. The third layer is a thin coating of ash glaze.

Our slips are just clay, silica, and feldspar. You'll have to experiment with blends to find one that fits your clay body, but starting at 75% clay is a good baseline.

By keeping the slips and glaze thin, the iron in the red slip comes through the other layers and gives the pot a depth that we really like.

We have also found that the grey-blues are stronger in cooler parts of the kiln--cone 9-10 as opposed to 11, where the red/white/ash combo is more green.
Not sure how much control you'll have over that in someone else's kiln, but it's worth a try!


Ron said...

Glad it went well. The pots look great. Got your email blast this morning. Well done.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Stunning results~ love the toasty oranges. Congrats on a successful firing!

Nu Kua said...

Thanks so much for sharing!! These are tips I can get started with.
Hopefully it won't just be this one time firing a woodkiln... fingers crossed.. :-)
I'll try them and ask him for a cooler spot in the kiln.

Again, thanks for sharing, i really appreciate it!!


ang said...

yeh looks like a great firing, love the ash glaze....:))

jen moen said...

Christie and Joe, they are so beautiful. I had no idea so much work went into firing, and wood! Happy sales!