Tuesday, August 31, 2010

stoker gallery #8

We've started unloading and things are looking good. However, before we get to far ahead of ourselves, we need to put up the Stokers Gallery for firing number 8.

Our first night party was as enjoyable as ever. It's a nice time to get together with friends and share what we do. By the second day we are usually too tired and involved in the firing to be very sociable. The first night, though, Christy and I are still caught up on sleep and the firing is slow enough paced that there is still plenty of room for brats, along with a beer or two.

John Hamilton, Myself, and Jen Kerr triple teamed the kiln the first night, and making easy work of things.

We were lucky enough to have a lot of good help the second day of the firing.

Krista came out in the afternoon to help us finish off the second and third chamber.

Our good friend Tyler Carter happened to be passing though town and stopped by to get a little stoking in.

Our friend Paul Elgin came out to help us transition out of the first chamber.

I was there as well....

And of course the star of the firing Christy "peace out" Cole.

We'll get pictures of the pots up soon.

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cookingwithgas said...

back at you Christy- waiting for the unload!