Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Merry Merry!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry we disappeared for a bit--sometimes the blog falls to the wayside when you are, say, shoveling heaps of ever-drifting snow.

check out that stack of wood--nice work, joe!!

We've had a good time over the last week or so with our last-minute holiday shoppers. We really are trying to keep the path shoveled! We love it that so many of you (men) think of pottery this time of year (for the lovely ladies in your lives), and we'll be here tomorrow if anyone is in a pinch!



Michael Kline said...

beautiful stack of heat ! I'm still behind in my splitting, but then again I don't live in the land of snow, even though we got us some this week, it's already flowing away.

Have a great Christmas!

ang said...

wow what a sight! the wood stacking and the snow, glad you've been busy and have a great christmas..

Michael Mahan said...

Merry Christmas. Nice-looking picture.