Friday, November 20, 2009

getting the wood ready

In the spirit of getting everything ready before the snow starts coming, I've stopped working on the house and started to get all of our wood prepared for the coming year.

I'm attempting to get enough wood together that we won't have to cut wood at all until next time this year. I have to admit that I enjoy preparing the cord wood so it's not too much of a chore.
The edging for the kiln is a different story though. Mainly due to the fact that it comes delivered looking like this:

None of the pieces even seem to be the same length much less stacked with any kind of organization. On top of that we've often found small patches of dirt and gravel in amongst the wood which makes short work out of a well sharpened chainsaw. So I'm working on devising a better method to dealing with this mess. Which is a little slower but more satisfying and seems to get more consistent lengths of wood. So here is what I've got so far:

Re stacking does take an extra step, but it seems worth the effort. Eventually we would like to figure out a way to add some makeshift forks to the tractor bucket so we can simply move the pallets of stacked wood instead of having to re stack them another time. All in due time.


Pat said...

This looks like a nice break from indoor detail work. There is always something satisfying, too, about seeing all that wood lined up neatly, just waiting to keep you cozy all winter long. I recall that from our Alaska years, as you probably do, too. Thanks for the post!

Sheridan Ray Pottery said...

Wow that little wood cutting setup looks alot like what chris was poorly trying to explain to us. Hope you guys had fun this weekend.

Cewek-Cewek Community said...

so many woods.. but it look so beautiful... nice photo.