Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well we finally have in our posession a camera that works! Yeah!!

I can't really complain, but we have actually sold a couple of the nicer pots out of the last firing already.... who knew our customers had such good taste?

First off the not so good. This is the red slip with white slip over it. I like the look of this alot, unfortunatly it looks like it needs a little work still. I'm pretty pleased with the look of it though, and the cracks are just in the white slip, still a usable plate.... not bad really. I imagine just thinning down the white slip a little will clear it up.

Here is our new red slip with a clear glaze over it.

A little mug that turned out well. The heavier reduction led to some darker greens which I like.

White slip with fish... Sorry I was too lazy to pull all the price tags off of the pots for the pictures...

This is probably my favorite pot of Christys this firing. Red slip with white over it.

More to come....


Sheridan Ray Pottery said...

The red slip with clear looks awesome!

Ron said...

Pots look great. Worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

i love the plate with the finger sweeps in it even with the little cracks in the slip... looks like success all the way around