Wednesday, July 22, 2009

more firing photos.

Still no camera... soon though.
Sheridan took some pictures though during the firing. Our good friend Dan Rhode (no relation) is writing a pottery book and wanted to have some firing photos. Luckily Sheridan had a nice camera and got some great shots. Sounds like Windy Ridge Pottery might be hitting the big time, or at least feature in a pottery book. Here are a couple of the photos...

I'm hoping he uses this photo below with the caption "Joe Cole likes to keep the testosterone high. Preferring the stoking pace that is offered by stoking half a tree at a time". It's funny to me at least. For though of you with out woodfiring experience, that is by far the largest piece of wood I've ever put in our kiln. We were holding the temperature steady at the time and I was to lazy to split it with the maul.

This is a little closer to par.

Hope you like the pictures. Not much else to report. I've spent the last little bit of time cleaning the pots, and kiln. Also taking care of all the weeds around our kiln which were threatening to go to seed. I just started yesterday working on reinforcing the floor joists below the bathroom and kitchen, in preparation for tiling the floor. Looks like Christy will have time to start making pots today! She's spending most of her time earning money to keep the two of us afloat. Thanks Christy.


brandon phillips said...

what about the pots!

Joe and Christy said...

As soon as we get a camera up and going you can rest assured that's the first thing you'll be seeing on this blog... no worries Brandon.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics of those glowing shiny pots

Collin said...

Hey Joe and Christy. Love the new digs in Wisconsin. Looks like you're doing well. I've enjoyed reading your blog. Can't wait to see this batch of pots.

PS, do you have a contact at kohler so I can get on the waiting list for some of those bigass shelves?

Collin Taylor

Joe and Christy said...

drop me an email
josephjcole at yahoo dot com