Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Red, White, and (insert punch line here)

So I really wanted to come up with a clever pun/joke for a good title, however..... nothing.
I've been using the red slip some more. It's great to have both a red slip and a white slip, decorating options really multiply with two contrasting slips. One of my favorite combinations while working at Dover Pottery in NC was a layer of red slip followed by a layer of white slip which can then be wiped through to reveal the red slip underneath giving a nice contrast of colors. I've been trying this combination with our new red slip. Only in a small number of pots just in case something doesn't fit together. Hopefully it will come out well... here are a couple examples that I've been working on:

Here is a pot with the same combo with an ash glaze over it which was made while I was working at Dover pottery. Hopefully if things go well we'll get similar results.

For those of you who have never been there I would recommend a trip on over to "Timnasium". I got this picture from there. It's my good friend Tim Ayers flicker page. Tim has been making pots and taking pictures of other peoples pots for quite a while now. His flicker page contains many of the photos he has taken of various potters around North Carolina, along with some pictures of kilns. Quite an assortment, certainly worth a look.
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Anonymous said...

i'm a sucker for those goopy wet slipped pot pics, yummy looking plate

Tim Ayers said...

I was looking at your post with a coworker who also makes pots and was saying I remember taking the picture of that pot just as I got to the shout out. Thanks!

Hope the new contrasting slips work out well. I really dig that effect.

Julie Jones said...

Nice pitcher. Do you remember who bought it?