Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gallery update

Well, work on the gallery seems to be winding down. I'm hoping to be done with the mudding by the end of the week. I've hung drywall elsewhere in the house, but this is the first time getting drywall ready to paint. It's kind of fun. It reminds me of a class in high school that I took where we got to do body work on our cars. Sanding and filling and... repeat. I imagine the novelty will wear out pretty quick though as we get the rest of the house ready later this year. Here are a couple of pictures of the gallery:

This room was a spare bedroom in our house. It seemed like the most obvious choice for our gallery as we can't afford to build a new structure for a gallery. Hopefully we won't lose to much privacy by having our gallery attached to our house. We are certainly planning on drawing some definitive lines between public gallery space and private living space.
The door was just added last week. We're pretty pleased with the door. We figured we would only be able to afford a cheap steel door, but we found this door with side lights at Habitat for Humanity for only $125. It make the entrance so much more welcoming, and adds quite a bit of natural light to the gallery.
After this week I'm hoping to go back to making pots full time until our firing in mid-April. After that we need to put in a porch with steps to the gallery door, and build shelves for the display. Opening the gallery up early May. One thing at a time though.


brandon phillips said...

thats lookin nice. i love the habitiat store, i was able to purchase a few odds and ends for my showroom there. i purchased several bundles of shingles for a steal. it's great for folks like us that don't make the big bucks(well, i know i don't anyways).

ang said...

well looking good, itt must be exciting with the whole gallery coming together, great floor too

Alex Solla said...

The one thing I wish we had taken into account when we built our gallery was a space for a public bathroom. I would even have been happy with a tiny one, but as it stands now, we have folks traipse into our house to borrow the facilities. Not the best plan.

Also LOVE Your door with the side lites. Wish we had ordered a bigger door. Oh well. "Next" studio we can do that.

Michael Mahan said...

The Habitat Restore can be a great resource. We got two brand new high-dollar glass sliding doors for half price.
Good luck with the rest of the work.


Joe and Christy said...


we have been wrestling with the bathroom question, too. the gallery room is too tiny for facilities, and i have big crafting-area plans for the spare bedroom in the house. i'm tempted to just say No Public Restroom, but i'm sure to cave in the face of old folks and little kids crossing their legs!


Anonymous said...

can't imagine the excitement of having a gallery in the house