Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winks, Lost and Found

Winks is back! I realize none of you knew he was missing, but I'll share my happiness nevertheless. I hadn't seen him since Thursday. I know that three days isn't a long time for some barn cats to be missing, but it is practically a lifetime for our cats, as they do not know they are in the "barn cat" category. They think they are house cats with a big house. And Winks is the Bill Clinton of cats--full of charm and constantly trying for your vote.

After I got home from work tonight, Miss Priss and I did a moonlight search for him--we tried the basement, the kiln, and all around the yard and building. No Winks. After detaching Miss Priss from my shoulder, I started to head for home (hotel-home, that is) and had a flash of brilliance. Winks is the master of sneaking into the studio unnoticed when anyone opens the door. I had gotten a cd out of the camper on Thursday night. I turned around and dashed for the camper. Guess who was sitting on the couch. While this little episode means that any residual mice will have been eradicated from the camper, I'm a little afraid of what may be on the floor now...



ang said...

hey christy, good news....yey

cookingwithgas said...

Warms the heart!