Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The List of Good News is as Follows:

# 1: Winks did not poop all over the camper! What a good kitty. This is your warm-up Piece of Good News, preparing you for...

#2: The trial is over! Joe will be home tomorrow afternoon! Yay! I will leave it up to Joe to tell you any details that he wants to share, but, for the record, after 90 minutes of deliberation, he and his fellow jurors found the defendant guilty.

#3: Our dear friend and talented potter Julie Jones sent me the new Ryan Adams Cd and some tasty chocolate, and therefore I survived a very long day at ands'L ndE by nibbling on chocolate between (and occasionally during) phone calls. I don't get much caffeine in my life, so the dark chocolate infusion made me extra perky!

#4: Betty from Tennessee, who called in a substantial order for shirts to ands'L ndE today, told me that she had some Very Good News regarding the status of Jesus' return to Earth. She was incredibly sweet, and I would have enjoyed having a conversation with her about something other than cotton weave patterns and garment chest size, but we are taped and occasionally forced to listen to ourselves. This would be humiliating and weird enough on its own, but our calls are also "graded" for effectiveness by some mysterious people on the "Quality Team." (I received a festive "Fantastic" sticker on my call report today. Wish me warmth in my voice and effectiveness in selling alternate colors and products as I shoot for a gold star next month! ) I told Betty that I was indeed familiar with the fellow, and in between teeny, tiny, audibly imperceptible bites of chocolate, I told Betty that I would be happy to pass on the word that He is coming soon. We are encouraged to always tell our customers that we "would be happy to do that for you!!" Working for a large corporation has just turned me into a customer service machine, baby!

#5: Mineral Point is getting a second bookstore!

#6: I cut my hair myself, and it is pretty much even side-to-side:

#6a: I do not look like a troll in real life, just in this picture.

That does it for today's Good News!



JLK said...

Hi Christy and Joe,

Just got caught up on your blog. Glad the trial is over, I bet it was interesting earning that 3.13/hour.

You don't look like a troll at all! You look happy that Joe is coming home!Jennie

cookingwithgas said...

HI CC- I was cutting my hair for awhile and it got out of hand- I found a "guy" with a wicked razor and let him have his way with me!
Love the story of the call- you should note the good ones- and who knows maybe she "knows" something.
Best to Joe!

ang said...

1-6 heheheheheheheee he aaah! you funny.... smiling widely

Christine said...

I'm so glad to hear that Joe will be home soon! I was just thinking about sitting down to write a letter to send to him in jury-duty-land, but I was having trouble thinking of anything amusing to say... I guess I was saved by the bell (or the short deliberation)!

Thinking of both of you,

(the other) Christine Cole

Kathy said...

Kit! I owe you a call, sorry I missed you but I was busy being at the public defender's office. Then I left town and didn't want to call w/o PKP. Your hair looks good, and you look non-trollish, sorry I disagree with you. Love the Jesus story. Nice job Sister Christy. Keep doing the good work.

Cole Pierce, said...

Hi Joe and Christy
I often wonder, where is Joe Cole? Usually when I visit my parents house and drink coffee out of a mug he made. I just got my alumni news and saw your names and that you moved to one of Tyler Carter's hometown. Send me an email pierce.cole@gmail.com. please.

tyler said...

hi christy and joe,

this is tyler carter, ex college kid yeah okay but cole pierce passed onto me and i can read for myself that you all live in mineral point! which is kind of bizzare, to me anyway, because i half grew up in the that town, just off ferndale road at what used to be known as Bob's Farm, that I think, if my info is current is home to Harriet Story who is also a potter? Have you met Ted Landon? Anyway, looks like I'm begging to write capitalized sentences...write me an email though will you? tell me about mineral point, and p.s. here is possibly the best link on the internet: http://www.mineralpoint.com/cams/popup-highcam.html