Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lara O'keefe

Now that our sale has come and gone, I thought I would take a minute and put in a good word for our good friend Lara O'keefe. I had helped Lara with the construction of her new kiln last year and this spring before Christy and I headed north. I was really happy to be able to fly down to North Carolina and help Lara in her first firing. Lara and her husband Jim have been good friends of mine since I first moved down to North Carolina to work for Mark Hewitt. At the time Lara was working for Jugtown Pottery. It's been really great to keep in touch as we both grow and mature as potters.
Lara's new kiln was designed by Will Ruggles, and has a similar firebox set up to Micheal Hunts kiln. Here's a picture of the kiln during the first firing:
That's Ava, Lara's daughter getting a feel for the kiln. Early on in the firing

Here' a picture of the firing right before side stoking started.

The firing seemed to go very well though I didn't have time to stick around and unload the kiln. Lara sent a couple pictures of the results though
Which look pretty great if you ask me.

Lara's on a similar course to Christy and I and is having her first home sale
Saturday, November 29, 10-5
Sunday, November 30, 12-5
Saturday, December 6, 10-5
Sunday, December 7, 12-5
If any of you happen to be in the Pittsboro area I would recomend stopping by and checking it out. I certainly wish I could. If there are any questions drop Lara a line at: okeefepottery@embarqmail.com


Mom/Pat said...

I tried to find Lara's website and couldn't. Can you ask her again how to find it?

Joe and Christy said...

I don't believe Lara has a web page...