Sunday, November 30, 2008

appologies for the lack of blogging

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of blogging. Our life has become a little disjointed as winter sets in. The camper that we've been living in all summer is shut down with no running water or heat. We are sleeping and eating (as best we can with only a microwave to cook with) in our hotel room. Christy's working close to full time at her temp job, and I'm trying to get the house ready to live in. Our computer still resides in our camper which is a bit cold for too much time relaxing in front of the computer. My little fingers get pretty cold pretty quick trying to type emails or blog entries.
We're still waiting on the plumbers to show up. It's a little frustrating as everything is waiting on them. After they finish up, the basement floor will be poured, and after that we can finish closing in the basement, and really get to work on the house. A little frustrating to have to wait on the plumbers for so long. Hopefully they will come this week and we can get everything else moving. It's snowing now, and is quite beautiful. I'll leave you with a picture of a little work I was doing on the front of the house. I was inspired by the house movers with all their hydraulic jacks. I jacked up the front of the house to slip a beam in place to support the floor joists in the front entry way. I was pretty proud of myself.


cone10 said...

Joe - Hydraulic jacks rule, eh!?
Be careful about turning on your computer when it's too cold. I have blown out an electronic device by turning it on when it was too cold. Could've been condensation on the board because it was warming but not yet warm - I don't know. It was also a long time ago. Long enough that I don't remember what it was for sure. I think it was a TI/99 computer. Yeah - that long.
Stay warm and take that computer to the hotel for safekeeping!:)

ang said...

Sound like a challenge, hope you stay warm and see plumbers trucks in your yard this week, cheers ang