Thursday, October 30, 2008

Loading day three, almost there

Loading continues on in the second chamber:

As you can see we ended up leaving the saggers out of this firing building a bagwall instead to direct the flame. The saggers were still fairly wet and a couple were starting to crack. We're going to dry them out, reclaim the clay and try again. Chalk it up to a learning experience. Hopefully we'll have them in place by next firing.
We're still loading fairly loosly, and it looks like we have enough pots for two more full stacks exactly like this one. I'm pretty pleased as this should be a good full chamber. My only concern is that the way things worked out the top is going to be stacked tighter than the rest of the chamber. It's not too tight, just in comparison to the rest of the stack it is quite tight. Hopefully this will not lead to a cold top.For some reason pyscologically, compensating for a cold top seems much more laborious than adjusting for a cold floor. It's a new kiln though so who knows how it will play out.
The first stack goes the slowest as we try and figure out which height of shelves work best where, the next two stack will have this same stacking pattern and should go much quicker. We hope to be able to finish loading early tomorrow. Which should give us time to take care of other things, like cutting bricks to fit the doors, and cutting wood.

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