Friday, October 31, 2008

light it up

Not much to say. Loading and bricking the doors up took longer than anticipated, as shelves had to be cut for the loading, and bricks had to be cut for the doors. We didn't have time to cut any wood today, so we'll have to do it tomorrow. Luckily tomorrow should be a pretty slow day as far as stoking is concerned. We're hoping to reach top tempature around noon on Sunday. Then hold top tempature in the front chamber for 7-8 hours, before moving on to the second chamber. Hopefully we'll be all done before midnight.


cookingwithgas said...

fingers are crossed here in Whynot for a good firing.

ang said...

yep cheers from down here too, all the best..

EF said...

Our family will pray for your first firing to go well!-Dear Lord Jesus, I bring to you Joe and Christy's first firing in their new kiln. I pray that you would give them the strength they need, the patients they need, wisdom and grace in beautiful pots. I pray that you would provide through this firing for there needs and bills that they have waiting for money. I pray that you would teach them through this firing and that they would see your love for them. Bless them Lord I pray! Amen. :)