Sunday, October 12, 2008

The kiln gets some finishing touches

We finished up the smoke duct (or collection chamber if you prefer), as well as some other small items on the kiln that we had been putting off. It was a beautiful day out, and we though it would be best to get this work done before it gets too cold.The back row of bricks covers a slot which I plan on using for a passive damper (a space that allows you to let cold air be drawn into the chimney slowing the draft down- for you non potters). The slots are for a pair of active dampers. One for each side. Tomorrow we plan on making pots in the morning then going to Dubuque to look for a couple of large steel plates to use for the dampers. The slots are right under the last rafter, so I'm planning on using pulleys and hanging them from the rafter. Here's a picture of what the smoke duct looked like uncovered:
Sorry this is the best picture I could find. It's hard to see but there is a notch in the center divider and the outer walls, to guide the two dampers. You'll have to take my word for it.
It's really starting to look like a kiln now. All that's left is the grates for the three chambers and cutting some blocks for the doors, oh and making plugs for the stoke holes. Getting pretty close now.

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