Monday, September 1, 2008

Papa Ray at Work

Last winter, Joe and I asked Dad if he would make us a ball mill. He is excellent with a welder, an avid scrapyard hunter, and a creative tinkerer to boot, so we thought he could pull off the homemade ball mill. During the long winter, he put together scrap steel and an old heater blower motor, among other things, and brought the completed machine up to us this weekend. It is quite amazing! We should have the jars and balls assembled this week sometime. We're planning to mill up corn ash, clay that we set aside during all of the digging for the kiln shed, and some sandy rocks from our property for glaze tests in the coming weeks.
Dad also put the window in our studio this weekend. It looks wonderful to have the cool northern light filtering through the studio space. He plans to have the studio finished in the next weekend or two, so we'll be able to make pots after dark sometime soon. Thanks, Papa Ray!

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