Friday, September 5, 2008

more free stuff!

We have been extremely lucky in finding free, or very cheap items to help us get the pottery on it's feet. Another shining example is the free kiln shelves we just got from the Kolher plant. Pretty sweet. They aren't Silicon Carbide, but they should be alright. I've never used cordierite kiln shelves before, but David Smith used them in the woodfiring that I helped him with, and they seemed to work well. Certainly cann't beat the price. In other news we've finished the first chamber except putting in the grate system.
We've also started the third chamber. It looks quite small in comparison to the first two chambers. We are figuring on using this chamber for oxidation glazes. the comparitivly shorter and wider chamber should allow gases to pass through the chamber easier, leading to easier oxidation. It feels like the kiln is really coming along. Though I imagine we are halfway done at best. Still feels good.

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