Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More on the side walls

Well half of the side walls are done. It looks a little clunky from this side. Each block is notched into the arch. We're hoping this keeps the side walls from moving too much and that we won't have to use metal bracing anywhere (Another idea from Will Ruggles, most of my good ideas come from him).
Luckly the side walls look a little better where it counts on the inside. The outside will all be covered by an insulating adobe mixture which should smooth out the rough brickwork. We are hoping to cast some kind of side stoking port, hopefully something that is easy to handle and seals up easily. Thus the large gaping holes where the side stoking ports should be.
Tomorrow we start the other side of the sidewalls....


ang said...

hiya, it's all coming along nicely, some nice srounging behaviour too, just checking in ang..

Joe & Christy said...

thanks! bricks, a house, shelves..we are pretty proud of our scrounging successes as of late!