Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Hamfam Help!

My brother John took the day off on Friday and came up from Dubuque to help us. He and Joe worked on the sidewalls while Mom and I worked on the chimney. I am pleased to report that the chimney is now just my height--5'2''. Then we went over to the house to begin the necessary destruction.

We took down an old chimney that was sandwiched between two walls, and did some prepwork for tearing the mudroom off the back of the house. It was too junky to take down the road with the rest of the house, so we cut it off on Saturday with the help of Papa Ray. Unfortunately we didn't take any photos of the Day of Destruction. You'll just have to imagine us chainsawing up a room, chaining pieces of it up to the truck, my mom gunning it, and boards and thirty-year-old insulation flying in all directions. I'll try to snap a few shots tomorrow when the movers come to begin putting beams under the house!

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