Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Red Elm

We have been chopping firewood these past few days--definitely a recommended activity when it is over 85 degrees. (Guess who has become quite the chainsaw whiz! Dont hold your breath for any of those bears or eagles or mermaids, though. The whiz specializes in cutting kindling.) Our friends Stosh and Jane are building an ambitious fence, and have generously allowed us to cut up a few of the felled trees. As you can see in the background of the picture in the previous post, we have quite a bit of elm and ash to fire our kiln and keep us warm this winter. I am quite excited by the prospect of warming my toes before a crackling fire during a Wisconsin blizzard!


D and A said...

Beautiful shot of the cut wood by the corn! And the shed looks great. We're so jealous of your winter dreams - no blizzards in Tucson.

christy said...

Wood or no wood, we will probably be piling into the car and pounding down your door by the middle of January!

Don said...

Hello, cool site. it was great getting to know you guys a bit last week. I really would like to come over and give a hand firing some time, so please keep me in mind. good luck with your project, and I'll keep checking in on the progress.