Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Call it Done!

We are finished with the shed! (Except for two little pieces of trim that are on order--but never mind that...) This is the view from the southeast on what has been a gray day. We are hoping for a little rain from those dark clouds--I have been watering all of the trees regularly, but I certainly would not object to a little help from the sky. We did a little kiln layout this evening. It was fun to work under the shed instead of on top of it!


Mom/Pat said...

As I look as this incredible kiln shed, I am struck by the fact that you likely not only have been building it, but you also have been having to MOW around it regularly to keep it accessible! You two are amazing! Congratulations!

Dathu Mohan said...

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Tim said...

Awesome! Looks great!