Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Progress continues

Lots of progress since last post. Christy has spent the last couple of days filling the hollow blocks. We experimented with a couple of different recipes and ended up using 1part sand, 1part clay, 2parts sawdust, and a handful of portland cement to hold it all together. Hopefully this will make the bricks more insulating and add a little more structure to the bricks. Charley kept busy inspecting the bricks.

The kiln shed also seems to finally have an end in sight. All the beams are up and the lower rafters are moving quickly. We decided to finish the whole kiln shed, we were a little concerned that water would continue to collect in the kiln pit with out the extra roof line. It's starting to look like we might just finish the kiln then fire it empty before the first real freeze. That would probably push our first full firing until next spring.... not ideal, but what are you going to do? Things seem like they are moving well, there is just a lot to do before our first firing.


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