Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The rafters are all up! We are also planning on building a skirt wrapping around three of the four sides. As things are going though we may not have time to finish it all this year. We'll certainly get all the posts and beams up though. It took a bit longer than I had anticipated to build all of the rafters. They are build out of old douglas fir salvaged from old barns and corn cribs. I'm pretty proud of them though I'm hoping I don't have any more rafter building in my near future. Manufatured rafters are pretty cheap and hammering in all the nail plates was pretty painful. Our internet connection is still pretty sketchy, so I appologize to the people who's e-mails I haven't returned yet. For some reason I can't seem to keep our cellular connection connected for more than several minutes at a time. Some kind of software issue. The picture of me nailing in the nail plate is a bit of a spin-off joke, serious geek points to anybody who recognizes it.

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