Monday, April 28, 2008

We Made It to Mineral Point!

Hi everyone--sorry for our web absence this past week or two; as you can imagine, we've been a little busy! Both Joe and I had fine journeys to Mineral Point, although Joe did have some parking issues with the moving truck-towing-the-pickup-truck rig... Charley and I made great time getting here with no problems at all, and the bricks arrived the next day. We've spent the past week getting settled into the camper-sweet-home, getting running water, securing the camper down to the ground to keep it from blowing away, applying for a building permit, getting rid of the junk the last residents left behind...they seem to have lived like high-country miners, eating from tin cans and throwing their trash into piles! My parents have done an immense amount of work cleaning the place up, and tomorrow a bulldozer will come to get rid of the remaining foundations and general piles of rubble. We have had some time for fun, too, taking advantage of some music in town and enjoying all the local brews and spectacular sunsets! My mom, grandma, and I went around the property with shovels yesterday and transplanted small cherry, linden, and hickory trees from the pastures to the front yard. We'll have internet access at home next week, so I'll post some pictures then. Hope all of you are well!

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Anna said...

Hi Guys Glad you all made the trip ok! You sure are missed.
The day after -Jas and I were walking in the field. I had to shed a tear when she stood still lookng toward your house and waited for a bark from Charlie.

Jas and I have been taking care of the remining veggies and will try and transplant some a little closer to our house.

Dean has met Evan, I have not...but will be on another 4 day this week.

Strawberries are in! Picked 41 lbs. last Friday. Will go back this coming Friday. We got more rain yesterday, so I'll wait for the berries to dry out a little. The rows must be 300 ft. long so filling 4 buckets only took about 1/2 an hour.

The guy who owns the farm processes his own meat including hogs. So, I have put our name in the pot for a November slaughter date. He also uses Key Packing. This guy has 2 chest freezers FULL of cow and deer. Pity we couldn't have tapped him when our own beef ran low.

On my last visit, he sent me home with homemade Brautwurst stuffed w/ jalipeno cheese. Ahhhh, another chili head who likes it hot!

Dean has started riding w/ the SWRMS boys again.

Lots of rain, so no serious garden yet. The greenhouse was FINALLY moved. And the guy moved it all by himself! Beautiful! He also cleared out all of the salvagable metal from behind the house. What pottery I re-discovered prior to all the destruction, now complements the gazing ball.

And, Waylen was able to collect a swarm of bees for us last week. So far they find Bud Road to their liking. I'll ration that buckwheat seed and plant it near the hive.

Take care and talk to you later!