Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving, WRP Friends and Family. 

We are grateful that all of you have chosen to surround yourselves with handmade pots, 
and we hope you fill your bowls and cups this week with fantastic holiday food and drink.

In honor of giving thanks, we are having a Thanks-Give-A-Way! 
(I'm pretty proud of that clever phrase, so if someone else made it up first, don't tell me! )

To enter a drawing to win this pair of wood-fired mugs (which would work quite well 
for enjoying spiced cider or wine over the next few weeks!) just leave a comment on 
this post or "like" us on Facebook between now and Friday, November 23rd. 
If you want to be entered in the drawing twice, do both!

Christy and Joe

**UPDATE! Our Thanks-Give-A-Way Winner is Deidre Kruser!**

Congrats, Deidre, and send us your address so we can send you your mugs!


smartcat said...

The mugs look perfect for cider, mulled wine, beer.....very versatile indeed! Cool title....I say it's yours!

Anonymous said...

I use your pottery Daily. from getting honey from your honey pot to mixing pancake mix in your bowls and making Tea in your pots and drinking it from your mugs. It is comforting holding your earthenware in your hands and makes everything just taste better as well. Thank You for making such wonderfull usefull pottery.

Paul Elgin

Dusty said...

Nice Mugs. We love the plates you made for us, use them daily and get tons of comments from our friends. Thanks a ton, cheers.

Dusty Johnson

Anonymous said...

We love, love, love your pottery. They add such warmth and beauty to our home. We look forward to seeing you on Dec. 1st. You will have some more of those delicious cookies, right?
Sheila Marmorstone

Karl said...

Gorgeous mugs, just asking to be used!

Wayne said...

Great mugs, really reminds me of some of the old time pottery you see from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to being there on the 1st.Please make enough of your homemade cookies.I'll want 3 or 4

Unknown said...

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