Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's try this again

So I "stretched" the layout of the blog (thanks ang). I also uploaded the larger version of the video to Youtube, which for whatever reason plays through all the way to the end of the video. This version is quite a bit higher quality video, and might give people with slower conections difficulties. We'll try and get a better small version uploaded at some point as well. Hopefully now everybody will be able to enjoy the video full screen, with the full length.

Please let me know if the new "stretched" layout gives anybody's computer issues.


ang design said...

cute ending with the guitar bit...i like.. and happy to help..

Anonymous said...
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FetishGhost said...

That was AWESOME!!!!
Loved the format
Love the cuts
Love the composition on your shots
Love what you had to say
Love what you had to share
And the length was perfect.
A Plus!

T.Gray said...

nicely done!