Friday, April 4, 2008

Kiln plans

Welcome to our pottery blog! We're hoping to use this as a means to keep all of our friends updated on our pottery construction. Of course we'll have more to report once we actually move, for our first entry though I'm posting diagrams of our future kiln design. The kiln is based roughly on the Bizen noborigama. We are hoping eventually to use the first chamber for a combination of ash/flashing effects, as well as reduction glazes, with the second chamber being for reduction glazes, and the third chamber for oxidation glazes. The firebox, flue, and chimney proportions are based on proportions from measurements that I've taken from various other wood fired kilns that Christy and I have fired.

oops... I just noticed the bottom picture is incorrect the third chamber is only two shelves deep, I didn't push the paper together far enough when I took the picture.

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