Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A "Quick" September Firing

This coming weekend is the Driftless Area Art Festival
We decided we wanted to take some fresh plates, big platters, and bread dishes. 
 So... we are doing a one-day firing of just the first chamber of the wood kiln. 

We have never fired just the first chamber with glazed ware before, 
and we are really lucky to have pine to toss into the fire along with our usual array of hardwoods. 

We have found that too much or slightly cool hardwood ash can 
cause some of our glazes to look either an amazing, deep shade of gold, or "foamy" and gross. 
Most of you probably haven't seen the latter unless you have been rooting through our shard pile.

The weather for loading and firing has been autumny-perfect!

Want to see more pictures? Who wouldn't? Look at that handsome potter! 
More pictures are on our Facebook page


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