Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Late Summer

 Now that a little rain has fallen, it's green again at Windy Ridge.

We are feeling good about the copious amount of wood that we 
have piled up for our autumn firings and winter heat.

Just that little detail about needing to split all of it...

 Maggie is excited about the cooler nights (and everything else she comes across!)

 Charley is still looking to catch a mouse. 
Maybe for his 10th birthday coming up in October
the barn cats will bring one to him and drop it right on his feet.
I think his hunting success might require that kind of direct intervention!

Our garden has had a mixed year, but the tomatoes are looking lovely today 
on an earthenware cake stand. There haven't been enough at one time to can, but we have paste and ambrosia in the freezer for when the first snow falls. 

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