Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fresh Snacks at the Gallery

The first of the Windy Ridge Raspberries are ripening! 

 Tea bowl by Gary Hootman

If you visit the gallery in the next few weeks, you are welcome to have a snack straight from the garden. Just a warning, though...a pair of red-winged blackbirds have a nest at the north end of the patch, and they get UPSET with anyone (or any poodle) who gets near their eggs.  Although I am used to redwings harassing me when I am out running, this Papa bird swooped in and actually bit me yesterday, so I have been harvesting with my logging helmet on.

 Functional and Attractive!

Not into handmade pots or fresh fruit? 
Maggie and Charley would be happy to show you where where our field mice live. 
Given the chance, they would spend the whole day digging into mice tunnels in the alfalfa.
Yummmmm... mice...

Back to the fields and the studio!

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Jessie Lee-Jones said...

Those raspberries look amazing! I also wanted to tell you that I love your logging helmet, what a cute accessory ;)
Take Care!