Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wood Stockpiling

Is that spring I see on the horizon?

Although winter has come to a rapid end, we are still, as always, on the prowl for wood!

Some of us here at Casa Cole are more focused on prowling in the wood...
must be a mouse somewhere in that stack!

Our friends at Thuli Tables and Maplewood Lodge
have been kind enough to let us come in after their logging crews
to cut wood for the house and kiln.

Here's to a summer of firings and a toasty warm house (next) winter!


cookingwithgas said...

I have done this but somehow you all make it look like fun.
Love the boots!

smartcat said...

We've started getting wood for next year. A few hours a day makes it bearable. You ought to enjoy many good firings!

Ron said...

Wow. Looking good. I know it must feel great to have all that wood on hand.