Thursday, September 8, 2011

We're back

It's been a while since our last post. Instead of apologizing, I've got a list of excuses:

- It was summer time and no body really wants to spend all their time on the computer in the middle of summer

- Our digital camera broke down

- There really wasn't that much to talk about this summer... Christy's still in school, and I spent most of my time installing hardwood floors and painting houses.

-Um... writers block?

Well the days are getting shorter now, we finally broke down and bought a new camera, and we hope to finish loading the kiln tonight! It's been a long month trying to get all the pots for the firing together. I was luck enough to find a couple aspiring potters to come out and help me get everything together for the firing. It was incredible to be able to just focus on making pots and not have to worry about all the other tasks that go along with the pottery. A big thanks to Chuck and Colin. Christy helped out quite bit as well helping me finish up all the glazing that needed to be done.

I made some more ewers this cycle.

A lot of mugs, as that seems to be the vast majority of what I sold at the farmers market this summer.

Larger jars

Large and small covered bowls... though not quite as large and not quite as small as this picture might lead you to believe.

So I've crammed a lot of pottery into these last couple of weeks. I'm now cramming a lot of loading into a couple of days. Starting to see a pattern here?

I cut some mini shelves for the third chamber to try and fit in as many pots as possible. The shelves are only 9" x18" so it's only a couple more pots per level, but every little bit helps.

The second chamber is all loaded up and ready to go.

The third chamber is part way loaded. Hopefully we can get everything loaded to day and start candling tonight.



Jennifer Siegel said...

goodluck with the firing! too bad you are so far away, I'd totally help if I could!

brandon phillips said...

Holy crap! I'm glad you're still alive and making pots. Good luck with the firing.