Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Aaron Weaver

Being good friend with Aaron Weaver and Krista Loomans I did my best to tell all the potters I ran into in NC what great pots they both were making. Of course with no pictures available it's difficult at best to fully convey a piece of pottery to somebody. So the conversations usually went some where along these lines:

Me: excitedly describing the pots...
Fellow potter: sounds nice are there any pictures?

And that's where the conversation ended. So to help wrap up all those unsatisfying conversations I'm putting up a series of pictures of Aaron Weavers pots. For those of you who don't know Aaron, he started his ceramics career getting an undergraduate degree at Alfred, which is considered one of the top ceramic programs in the nation. He then worked at Mark Hewitt's pottery for two years (starting a couple of years after I left). Aaron and Krista ended up moving to Mineral Point shortly after we did. Aaron just having finish up his apprenticeship at Mark's and Krista having finished her apprenticeship at Kevin Crowe's.
Aaron has made the leap to earthenware pottery, and unlike myself he hasn't seemed to struggle at all in finding his own unique voice in pottery. So with out further ado Aaron's pots:

The above photo doesn't really do justice to the work. It's about a 4-5' tall.

Krista promises to get pictures pictures to me soon, and we'll get those posted shortly there after.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,

It's been nice to watch what you have done in Wisc. I would love to visit sometime when Amanda and I drive back to Minn. Let Aaron know that I miss him and had a great time working with him over at Marks. You are all welcome to stay with us anytime you come back to NC.

Joseph Sand

Julie Jones said...

You did describe them well! I don't remember exactly what you said but I remember what I said which was, " I want one!" Thanks for the photos they are great.... and I want one!
Trish and I were talking about Aaron yesterday as I saw one of his pots and commented how I liked it, it was one he made at Alfred. Trish was wondering how he was doing so I'll send her this link.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Thanks Joe, Trish

Tracey Broome said...

I just broke one of my very favorite Aaron jars and I'm so sad to lose it!I got it at one of Mark's sales for Mother's Day several years ago. So surprised to see this earthenware, but nice to see one of Mark's apprentices finding their own voice, in earthenware no less! Beautiful work!