Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter (Bunny) Firing Stoker Gallery

The Easter Bunny came to fire the kiln!

Everything went smoothly, thanks to all of our bunny friends:


Blake and Nolen. Sorry we don't have your picture, Nolen!

Mama Patti

Andy Hatch

Krista "Alotta" Loomans

and, of course, your WRP Home Crew:

Joe "The Cone Slayer" Cole

Maggie "Lil'Pie" Cole

Charley "Zoobie Doobs" Cole

and Christy "Putting the Cool back in Coveralls" Cole.

As always, thanks to our family and friends who came to help and share time with us.
And thanks to the rain, snow, sleet, and hail for finally stopping!



Dan Finnegan said...

I love it...looks like a happy firing. That's got to bring some good Karma!

June Perry said...

Such fun. Thanks for the morning smiles!


Those ears must be the Easter equivalent of a kiln god! :)

Looks like a very fun time.

Ron said...

Great bunny ears!! Ready for some great pots.

ローベジ料理家【Raw Veggie Cooking】 said...