Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rock walls, and tatami bricks

I've spent my time while we were preheating, firing, and cooling the kiln building some rock walls. I was inspired by Alex Matisse's rock wall, along with the huge pile of rocks on Julie and Steve's land. I imagine it must have been an old foundation that got pushed in, as some of the rocks still had mortar on them.
I believe the firebox wouldn't have needed buttressing. The kiln certainly needed some landscaping though, as the ground was ripe for ankle breaking before the rock walls. We also put in some small rock walls to keep the land flat around the second chamber while also being able to comfortably stoke the secondary firebox.

With that wrapped up it's on to finish the firebox, as the tatami bricks are all ready to go.

Some of the bricks seemed to pick up some residual salt, though I doubt that will effect their function as firebricks.

It doesn't look like as many bricks as I had previously thought, so we'll have to go a couple more layers of firebrick before we switch to the tatami bricks. Hopefully we can finish up the firebox tomorrow and start stuccoing the kiln. It's time to start wrapping this thing up and get back home.


Anonymous said...

what is the purpose of the tatami bricks? I can't seem to find a lot of info online about them.

Joe and Christy said...

There certainly isn't a lot of info out there on them, I searched around for info to link to on our blog, but couldn't find anything.

Tatami brick being cone shape and expanding in all directions, they are excellent for building dome shape structures. They will be placed on the kiln in the same manner as they are on the ground in the photos. You can see how they already start to form a dome shape on the ground.


ang said...

wow excellent work, they are so nice looking!!

deanandmartinpottery said...

Everything looks real good. Thanks for the building post. Hope the tatami firebox dome goes real smooth. The tatami bricks look great.